Client Reviews

“Awesome owner / head instructor with a great supporting cast of assistant instructors.  I’ve been taking the JKD concepts class and am challenged every class. Now my wife and I are hooked on the cardio / conditioning classes.   Great place for the kids and entire families to participate.”

– Brian W.

“For a long time, my son was shy and didn’t know how to interact with other children all that well. A friend recommended Brazen Martial Arts and my son has been taking grappling and Jeet Kune Do classes since May of 2013. These classes have taught him so much! He is outgoing, confident, and he now has a sense of pride in himself. Coach Garry Davis and the crew are absolutely fantastic, and they have so much patience with him (he is very energetic). I would highly recommend this school!”

– Angelina F.

 “Brazen cares deeply about its members/students. The trainer’s are all extremely well credentialed and invest far beyond what’s minimally required to ensure every time you visit you feel welcome, important and your goals relevant and a priority. The training is top-flight as well. You will work, you will swear, but you will determine your pace and the trainer’s will be right beside you cheering you on and encouraging you to summon your fullest potential.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the environment and the product. I have lost over 40 pounds and have kept it off approaching four years now and it is entirely due to the commitment Brazen has made to my well-being.

I strongly suggest attending a free class and see for yourself, on your terms, not mine, how remarkable Brazen is and how transformative your attendance will be.”

– Scott D.

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