Children’s Martial Arts

We offer classes in Mixed Martial Arts/Self Defense for children ages 4* and up.  Classes are divided into three age groups: 4-6, 7-8, and 9-13. The student to coach ratio is kept intentionally small to ensure proper supervision and individual attention.  All children begin at white belt. Promotions are based on behavior, attendance, and ability to execute techniques taught in class. With children, we are focus heavily on respect, discipline, teamwork, and building confidence.  Our curriculum rotates every other week to cover the four ranges of combat: punching, kicking, trapping/clinching, and grappling. We hope that there will never be a need to use what we teach, but if there is, we believe it necessary that each student has experience in each range of combat in order to effectively defend him/herself.  We also teach children how to diffuse a situation (bully prevention) and stress that the first option should always be to get away and find an adult.

*We allow children who are 3 years old to try a single free trial class to evaluate if they are ready for an early start.  Please call us directly to set this up (609) 578-8407.


Adult Martial Arts

Brazen Martial Arts offers adult classes for students age 14 and up in Mixed Martial Arts, No-Gi Submission Grappling, and Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).  Each class starts with a warm up specifically tailored to the type of class being taught. Students are then assigned a partner and drill techniques that are first demonstrated by the instructors.  Classes are kept intentionally small so that the instructors can give each student individual attention in every class to ensure their personal growth. Questions are encouraged throughout the class.  We want our students to take an active role in their learning experience. The last 15-30 minutes of each class is reserved for live training. We believe live training to be a critical component to learning martial arts.  We take safety very seriously. We have trained MMA fighters, BJJ/grappling competitors, and we have trained individuals with professional careers interested in self defense. Live training at Brazen Martial Arts is successful because of mutual respect between our students and strict guidelines that are enforced by our instructors.

We are always looking to bring new content/information back to our students.  We strongly support cross-training in order to remain current with as many disciplines of the martial arts as possible.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Our Mixed Martial Arts program is based on Jeet Kune Do Concepts (JKD), Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW), and Erik Paulson’s STX Kickboxing.  Jeet Kune Do is a martial arts system founded by Bruce Lee. In JKD both offense and defense depend on range (the distance between you and your target). The four ranges of combat are: kicking, punching, trapping/clinching, and grappling.  JKD incorporates many other disciplines in response to these ranges. Jeet Kune Do translates to “the way of the intercepting fist”. In addition to training several times a year with our Coach, Erik Paulson, in BJJ, CSW, and STX Kickboxing, our instructors have cross-trained in many disciplines for both stand-up and ground throughout the United States allowing for a unique blended style.  

No-Gi Submission Grappling

No-Gi Submission Grappling focuses on clinch and ground fighting with the aim of obtaining a submission using submission holds.  We use a blended approach that incorporates Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling, Billy Robinson’s Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Gi (uniform) grappling class following traditional BJJ belt system.  Otherwise similar to our No-Gi Submission Grappling classes.


Adult Fitness Classes

This class features aerobic conditioning with a primary focus toward calorie burning/weight loss.  Workouts include kettlebells, exercise balls, medicine balls, weight bags, body weight exercises, battle ropes, and fitness kickboxing drills.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!